Application Deadline:30 September 2021, 5:00 pm CET
Location:Home-based / Remote
Language required:English


In 2022, we celebrate thirty-five years of existence as a champion for the rights of people living with HIV. Founded in 1986, we continue to engage and support national and regional networks of people living with HIV, through the power of evidence-based advocacy, we challenge governments and global leaders to improve access to quality HIV prevention, treatment, care, and support services. Our current strategy “Uniting communities to celebrate diversity, dignity and change”, was created to guide our work from 2018 to 2021 and is coming to an end.

As GNP+ charts its way into the future, we recognise the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our work and programming. 

The organisation understands the need to reflect on its strategy and objectives to ensure our work is legitimate, relevant, and delivers in ensuring contribution to the quality of life for people living with HIV and key populations around the globe.

Scope of work:

The scope of work for the Consultant(s) will include but is not limited to:

  • In consultation with the Co-Executive Director and strategy committee, prepare an inception report with detailed step-by-step process, methods, tools, and timelines for both the review and development and validation of the strategic plan.
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis of the current strategy with a particular focus on its strengths, weaknesses (gaps), and the key achievement that would build momentum for the 2022-2026 strategy.
  • Undertake a stakeholder mapping and analysis from within and outside the HIV sector to enrich the shaping of GNP+s key focus over the next 5 years.
  •  Facilitate the consultation of key stakeholders in order to capture priorities, issues and the landscape in which the strategy would be implemented.
  •  Provide an outline of recommendations for GNP+ priorities for the next 5 years.
  •  Support the development and formulation of the GNP+’s identity, mission, vision, and area of focus for the new strategy.
  • Work with GNP+ to design the theory of change and the cost estimation of the strategic plan.

The consultant(s) will be asked to lead on the following activities: 

  • Review and adaptation of existing programme strategic guide, recent evaluation reports, and theory of change templates and finalising an overall strategy template in the inception report of the consultancy. 
  • Adaptation and application of modern-day strategy development tools and methodologies such as stakeholder analysis, power and gender analysis, environmental and climate change screening and mapping tools etc. 
  • Ensuring a participatory and inclusive process with the involvement of all stakeholders. 
  •  Ensuring privacy and non-disclosure of sensitive data and information. 


The consultancy will be for a period of 5-7 months with a start date in October 2021.


To apply for this consultancy, please send an expression of interest demonstrating how you meet the above requirements, and a brief technical and financial proposal of how you would plan to carry out this assignment, with a draft work plan, and results to be achieved, including a daily rate. Your application should also include your CV, including the contact details of two referees. Please submit your application to  recruitment@gnpplus.net

The deadline for submission is 30th September 2021. 


We are the Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+), a network for people living with HIV, run by people living with HIV. We engage with and support national and regional networks of people living with HIV, and this ensures that our global work is grounded in their local experiences and priorities. The meaningful involvement of people living with HIV is at the heart of all that we do.

GNP+ seeks to appoint two new board members. This is a voluntary role in the organisation. No member of the Board will receive compensation or remuneration in accordance with the policies, principles, and criteria set forth in its charter. Travel and lodging expenses for Board related activities are reimbursed according to GNP+ policies.

Participation and Time Commitment:

  1. Board members are legally required to fulfill their fiduciary duties, which will require you to devote a minimum of 35 hours per year to the organization. The amount of time will vary, from attending board meetings to regularly reviewing financial statements and meeting materials, committee meetings, orientation sessions, and special events.
  2. The full board convenes on a quarterly basis by conference call, start and end of year meetings, and 1 yearly face to face meeting.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The board has the responsibility to:

  1. Board Members are expected to rigorously prepare for, attend and participate in all Board and applicable committee meetings, and to spend the time needed to properly fulfill their obligations.
  2. Appoint, manage and regularly review the performance of the Co-Executive Directors
  3. Participate in all Board activities including Meetings and relevant Committee Meetings as determined;
  4. Represent GNP+ and the GNP+ Board upon request and provide post-meeting reports;
  5. Approve, monitor, and review the progress of the annual budget and work plan
  6. Monitor and review the financial results
  7. Approve annual and quarterly financial statements, and approve release thereof
  8. Approve annual organizational reports, approve release thereof
  9. Develop and monitor the 5-year Strategic Plan along with Executive Leadership
  10. Respond to requests of endorsements and public statements along with Executive Leadership
  11.  All board members are expected to participate in helping to keep the organisation healthy by mobilizing resources.

Download full Terms of Reference

For more information you can email one of our co-directors:

  • Sbongile Nkosi – snkosi@gnpplus.net
  • Gerard van Mourik – gvanmourik@gnpplus.net

We encourage applications from trans, gender diverse and intersex people, Black, indigenous and Latinx people and people of color, D/deaf and disabled people, people from a migrant background, and sex workers.

Application Deadline:17 September 2021, 5:00 pm CET
Location:Home-based / Remote
Language required:English


In every country with available data, transgender populations are among the most at-risk groups for HIV. In 2017, global HIV prevalence among transgender people was approximately 13 times higher than among cisgender adults of reproductive age.[1] GATE and its partners recognize the need for trans activists and organizations to build their capacity in designing and implementing evidence-based strong advocacy plans that result in policy change and improvement in access to HIV services at national level. 

GATE and GNP+ seek to address the need to foster the capacity of trans and PLHIV organizations and activists to develop and implement organizational HIV advocacy plans through a joint effort of their individual CRG SI component 2 grants. 

[1] UNAIDS. “Miles to go – closing gaps, breaking barriers, righting injustices”. 2018:111.

Scope of Work

Consultant will gather the necessary information to create a community-generated advocacy development plan training guide and conduct a training using the developed guide. 

The consultant will develop an advocacy planning training guide that includes a minimum of 2 case studies of successful examples of community advocacy; and facilitate advocacy planning trainings (online) and guide beneficiary organizations in developing their organizational/country advocacy plans in Malawi, Moldova, Nigeria, Pakistan, eSwatini, Tanzania, Thailand,  Ukraine and Zambia.


  • Timeline and work plan.
  • Training guide
  • Online training (can be pre-recorded)


  • In-depth understanding of transgender issues. Specific understanding relating to national and regional HIV responses in West, East and Southern Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia is an asset.
  • In-depth practical knowledge of advocacy plan development and implementation. 
  • Knowledge of the global HIV response, particularly regarding engagement of key populations.
  • Ability to work remotely in an independent, responsible and timely way.
  • Experience in developing and delivering online manuals and guidelines with community input.

Selection Process

GATE and GNP+ will select the consultant based on proposals from interested applicants.

Submit the following to the emails listed below with the suggested subject line by 5:00 pm CET on or before September 17, 2021:

Email: to: applications@gate.ngo with copy to tmagwenzi@gnpplus.net
Subject line: Surname – Advocacy Consultancy (e.g. Smith – Advocacy Consultancy)

  • A letter of interest.
  • Financial Proposal.
  • Curriculum Vitae, including name and contact details of two references.

About GNP+ & GATE

The Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+) is a network for and run by people living with HIV. We engage with and support national and regional networks of people living with HIV (PLHIV), ensuring that our global work is grounded in their local experiences and priorities. The meaningful involvement of PLHIV is at the heart of all that we do. We work with communities that are both geographic and identity-based. Using the power of evidence-based advocacy, we challenge governments and global leaders to improve access to quality HIV prevention, treatment, care and support services.

GATE, Global Action for Trans Equality, is an international organization and registered not-for-profit with its main offices in New York, USA. GATE campaigns globally for trans, gender diverse and intersex equality, empowering and giving voice to communities to politically mobilize on issues of gender identity, sex characteristics and bodily diversity. GATE’s programmatic work is organized around four areas: depathologization and legal reform, transgender issues in the international HIV response, movement building and development, and United Nations processes. We provide our communities with support and technical capacity, produce, and share critical knowledge, advocate for increased and more accessible funding for community-led efforts, monitor key international processes, and facilitate community activists’ engagement with these processes. We are committed to being fully accountable to our communities and to supporting activists’ development and wellbeing.

Call for Expressions of Interest

Application deadline: COB September 17, 2021 

Unitaid is a global health initiative that is working with partners to end the world’s tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, malaria and hepatitis C epidemics. Founded in 2006, the organization funds the final stages of research and development of new drugs, diagnostics and disease-prevention tools, helps produce data supporting guidelines for their use, and works to allow more affordable generic medicines to enter the marketplace in low- and middle-income countries.  Unitaid is also a vehicle to encourage follow-on innovation, to ensure medicines are available in formulations and combinations that are best suited to the target populations and treatment conditions in developing countries.

For more information on Unitaid, please visit the website here.

The Communities Delegation to the Unitaid Board aims for a Unitaid in which people living with and affected by HIV, TB and Malaria and those co-infected with HIV and HCV have access to tests, medicines and products that prevent new infections, that are affordable and meet their needs. The delegation represents the communities and their views at Unitaid Board and Committee level and ensures the voices from the communities positively influence the decisions, priorities, programmes and overall impact of Unitaid, at Board and country level.

The Position: The Communities Delegation to the Board of Unitaid is looking to appoint a new Alternate Board Member (Alternate) to represent Communities living with and affected by HIV, TB and Malaria and those co-infected with HIV and HCV. 

The Alternate will work with the Communities Board member, Liaison Officer and members of the Delegation to represent the voices and issues of people living with the diseases.  Applicants must be able to commit 25% of their working time to the position and have the support of their organisation for the role and time commitment.

The term of service is a total of 4 years: 2 years as Alternate Board member, followed by 2 years as Board member (the Alternate Board member will be offered the Board member post subject to satisfactory performance evaluations).  

The new Alternate should be available to attend the forthcoming virtual Executive Board Committee meetings on 13-14 October 2021 as an induction to the new role.

Please note this is an unpaid position but travel costs, including a per diem, will be covered by Unitaid. Some support towards the telephone, computer/internet, and other office costs will also be provided.

Reaching full gender balance is a key target for the Delegation for incoming Alternate and Board Members. Male applicants are therefore specifically encouraged to apply for this Alternate Board Member position. Community members living with the diseases and from Unitaid-implementing countries in Latin America, Asia, West and Central Africa are strongly encouraged to apply. You will find an overview of the Unitaid projects and implementing countries here.

Applicants will be assessed through their CV and application form and will be asked to participate in a telephone interview if short-listed. The application form is available here and the full Terms of Reference is available on pages 7 – 11 of the Delegation Handbook, available here.

We thank all applicants in advance for their interest. Results of the appointment will be circulated on civil society mailing lists.

Interested community members with the above expertise and criteria are invited to submit the Application Form via email to wvandevelde@gnpplus.net. The deadline for submissions is September 17, 2021 COB.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you require any further information.

Best Regards,

Wim Vandevelde

Liaison Officer, Communities Delegation to Unitaid Board