The authors of these stories are part of our 2021 Life Force. This is their first experience of writing their stories. The visuals and comic strips were also developed by one of the Life Force. The Life Force guide joint advocacy by GNP+, ICW, and Y+ Global – the global networks of people living with HIV – through our BeyondLIVING partnership.

This book brings together a collection of six stories and visuals by people living with HIV from around the world. The stories are real. As the global networks of people living with HIV, we know that these stories are not unique. From self-stigma and rejection by loved ones to being excluded from schools and workplaces, these stories capture some of the many ways people living with HIV experience stigma. 

However, these stories also highlight the resilience of people living with HIV and the support and solidarity that they have found. These are stories of overcoming rejection and discrimination. They are stories of choosing to live and choosing to love. They are stories of giving back to the community and contributing to society.