Through our Community-Led Accountability, Influence, and Monitoring programme (CLAIM) GNP+ enables people living with HIV to fully claim their space in Global Fund processes and claim their role in ensuring that Global Fund grants are developed, implemented, and monitored in ways that are effective and inclusive. 

Countries are currently preparing their requests for the next round of funding from the Global Fund. This phase is called GC7 – grant cycle 7 (previously known as NFM4 – new funding model 4). We have created a series of tools to support networks of people living with HIV to engage in this process to ensure that Global Fund resources are allocated towards the interventions needed most by communities of people living with HIV.

Download the tools below:

  1. A Guide to GC7
  2. A Guide to meaningful community engagement in GC7
  3. Agenda for a community dialogue to identify priority funding areas for GC7
  4. How to develop community advocacy priorities for inclusion in your country’s funding request to the Global Fund